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Get to know the left brain of Aa.

Camel Blues Blues Blues

Chasing the sun on a cloudy afternoon

tanning our feet in the light of the moon

Hoping the blue the globe will make us glow

as deeply as the sea

For the white globe does control the the tides

longing for the knowledge of our cell's memory

The lone wolves united in life's greatest mission

Life's greatest mysteries solved in two minutes

And all we ever had to do was smell the breeze and listen

Admiring the sun hitting the water

waves glistening



we are the stones that the builder refused but it was our stones that the building used so let's watch our flowers bloom under the light of the sun

Hoping that all of our battles have already been won

Counting our blessings

always adding to one

Because everything we've wished for

has already been done. 


(For Maya)

Before the caged bird knew of Kingdom Come,

you chose to sing.

Only the moon could rival your hips' power

with every graceful swing

Hues of almond as radiant as a candle's wick,

to love myself as is

you taught me this.

Embibing your words of encouragement

with every empowering sip,

A woman of her word(s),

you have more than earned your eternal bliss

*Featured as part of the Special Collection at the
Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University


Harlem Laundromat #47

Watching the dirt of last week wash away

Washer 22 purges all the rules I forgot to obey.

Swishing like dimes in a hobo's cub

my freakem' dress is fumigated of residual lust

Telenovelas basking off the screen 

while all the mistakes I made are simply erased with bleach

With just a few quarters, 

I am redeemed!

Merely with the risk that in the dryer, they might shrink


Funky Ho


at night

by the thought of you


by the beams of light

you produce


The sky turns shades of gray

and chakra blue,

I am comforted only by the brakes

of the B32

The metallic lullaby of the J train

in my eardrum

Knowing that I have promised that you

are the only one

From the other side of the island

from which you come,

awakened at night

because of temptations succumb

Beach 116
Winston-Salem Shuffle
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